My primary research field of interest is in static analysis using abstract interpretation, specifically about making scalable and precise analyses for diverse programming models. This includes but is not limited to programs annotated with software contracts, distributed applications, ...

Open Source

I am an ardent supporter of "Open Source" software. I have contributed to a number of open source projects, and created a few popular ones myself. In the context of open research, I aim to publish the source code of my software artifacts such that they can be used to reproduce earlier experiments.

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Programming Languages

Keeping in mind the mantra "use the right languages for the right tasks", I have learned many programming languages over the years.
This set of languages includes: Go, Scala, Python, Java, Rust, PHP, Javascript, Ruby, Haskell, Scheme, ...

My current personal favourite is Rust due to its strong type system that puts the theory of linear types into practice to ensure memory safety. However, I usually use Scala to get most of my work done.

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