Rust is my favourite programming language but I also fluently speak Go, Scala, C, Java, Javascript, Kotlin, Ruby and PHP.

I made a number of things in Go, including utilities to copy files over SCP and a random string generator

I'm also working on a number of bigger projects coming out in the future

Back in 2012 a contest for Jazz musicians was announced in Mechelen my home city.

I had to develop the website and backend for the submissions of the audio tracks of the contestants. The contest is still going strong.

More information at

In 2014 my high school launched a school paper/magazine that would be written by and for pupils

I was very much involved in the creation of this. At first the articles would be published monthly as it is with a magazine.

A year later we deciced to transform the format in something that was more modern, a blog!

In the fall of 2015 was born.

I was already programming at age 9, but other people don't have the chances, resources or knowledge to start that early or to even begin with programming.

Although the resources on the internet have been getting better over the years I thougth that a more "human-involved" approach would be better.

That's why I launched itNinja in 2014 a project to educate my fellow students on the subject of programming.

Today the project still lives on, however in another form. I try to create videos about the fundemental concepts of programming over at my Youtube channel.

Random facts about me

Has a Minecraft server called

Has starred over 400 repositories on Github

Favorite editor Neovim

Runs ArchLinux exlusively

Loves to play with Arduino